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Scrapbooking is one of my favorite hobbies. I started scrapbooking over 15 years ago, using the traditional method. Back then, most of my scrapbooks were of my cats. I've used products from various companies like creative memories and close to my heart. When I became a teacher, I got so busy that I didn't have nearly as much free time to scrapbook, which made me sad. That's when I began digital scrapbooking. I was able to get so many more pages done at a time this way. Now I'm into making bound photo books. Most of my scrapbooks now feature our trips we take. Although my Scrapbooking methods have evolved over the years, I don't think I'll ever stop doing it. I love taking pictures and being creative way too much!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Pet Albums

Having an entire scrapbook dedicated to a favorite pet is a super idea, especially for kids.  I'm constantly taking pictures of my pet cats.  I have an entire album made of my cat Amber.  There are pictures of her in the album from when she was a kitten all the way to the end of her life 10 years later.  At first, Amber's album was done by traditional scrapbooking.  Later, I made some digital pages using her pictures.  After she died, my son was so upset that he wanted some pictures of her in his room.  Having that album of her helped too.  He constantly looked through her album over the next few weeks.  It seemed like all those pictures I had of her helped him through his grieving process.  Now we enjoy looking back through her album remembering all the fun times we had with her.

Now I am working on an album for our other cat, Jasmine.  Jasmine's album is being done entirely through digital scrapbooking.  I have become addicted to digital scrapbooking now.  It's so much easier to do, and I can get so many more pages done at a time this way. 

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